Very rarely we can say that our skin is perfect. Often we complain of dryness, peeling, redness, allergic reactions, inflammation, pigmentation, uneven complexion. At the heart of all these problems is damage to the lipid barrier of the skin.

What is a lipid barrier?

This is the topmost part of our skin, which consists of flat scales glued together by fat cells, forming a strong, waterproof wall.
If the lipid layer is disturbed, then problems such as:
• obvious dehydration of the skin
• sagging
• decrease in skin elasticity
• peeling
• dryness
• small network of wrinkles.
Also, various bacteria, toxins, etc. can penetrate the skin through the broken lipid barrier, which can cause eczema, dermatitis, acne.

How can the barrier function of the skin be broken?

• Frequent washing of the face with hot water with aggressive facial cleansers
• With the help of aggressive environmental factors
• due to impaired production of lipids by the body as a result of physical stress.

Good news. The lipid barrier is easily and very quickly restored through certain cosmetic products that contain fatty acids. As well as ingestion of omega-fatty acids.
In our line there are several means for restoring the lipid layer. This is a night cream from the Matrix Repair series and the entire HyActive Comfort line, a balanced plant formula that mimics the composition and liquid crystal structure of our skin. The hydrolipidic film of the products, together with skin cells, forms a protective barrier on its surface that prevents transepidermal moisture loss. Liquid crystal structure, promotes the restoration and preservation of the skin’s own lipids, immediately repairs skin damage, thanks to the similar liquid crystal structure and the similarity of the composition.

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