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We are grateful for choosing as your provider to the world of quality cosmetics and here is the General Agreement for the purchase by you (as a Client) of the Goods presented on the Site The Agreement concerns only what you can receive through the Site, and in no case concerns the services of third parties (post, courier, etc.). If you are interested in additional products, services, consultations, services or opportunities, you can contact the company with a request using the feedback form and these services and opportunities can be provided and implemented on an individual basis. This Agreement applies to cases of its acceptance by the Client as a consumer for personal use of the Site and the Goods. The Agreement is considered concluded, and its conditions are fully accepted at the time of payment for the Goods. The Client’s consent to the processing of personal data and the rules for working with the site is an integral part of the General Agreement. We really hope that you will like our Site, we tried very hard to make it understandable and convenient! If you have any questions feel free to send them to the contacts below.


A client is any individual who purchases goods, the description and list of which is given on the Internet page for personal use, is not limited in legal capacity and has read the information about the goods.


The seller is Sayuri Group B.V., which has the right (owning on the basis of ownership or distributing on behalf of another person or manufacturer) to offer for sale the goods listed on the Internet page (Site).

The seller on the territory of the Russian Federation is SAYURI GROUP LLC, which has the right (owning on the basis of ownership or distributing on behalf of another person or manufacturer) to offer for sale the goods listed on the Internet page sayuricosmetics/ (Website). The seller is the organization responsible in the Russian Federation for receiving complaints, appeals, claims of buyers in connection with the purchased goods and accepting them at the address: 141008, Mytishchi, st. Kolpakova d. 26, k. 2, office XII. The seller is also an organization that purchases products to the territory of the Russian Federation and executes orders from buyers for their importation into the territory of the Russian Federation.


Goods are cosmetics and (or) clothing, detailed information about which is contained on the Site. The Site contains a reliable, visual catalog of the Goods with available information about them: their description in an amount sufficient to make their choice, composition and ingredients, action and effect, restrictions (contraindications) for use, methods and conditions of use, net weight or volume and (or) the number of units of the product in consumer packaging, storage conditions (if they are established by the manufacturer and this is indicated in the description of a particular product), as well as general information in accordance with consumer protection legislation and acts regulating the sale of certain types of goods. Delivery of the Goods is carried out by delivery services at the choice of the Client within the period established by these organizations for the transportation of this type of goods and depending on the distance. The obligations for the delivery of goods are considered fulfilled by the Seller at the time of signing by the Client of the accompanying documents for the goods (waybill, check). The Buyer is obliged to check the quality of the Goods upon receipt: release from the packaging and open the containers. The Buyer has the right to refuse to accept the Goods and demand a refund of the amount paid if defects are found that indicate a non-compliance of the Goods with its description presented on the Site. Information on the return procedure is contained in the Return Rules.


Payments are made in special secure communication channels and the Seller has no information about the personal data of the Client’s payment documents (pin code, password, secret code, etc.). Payment is made in evros to the Seller’s account, taking into account current discounts and promotions. On the territory of the Russian Federation, payment is made in rubles. Payment in other currencies can be agreed at the request of the Client, for which the Client must contact the Seller using the feedback form. Payment is considered made in the event of receipt of a notification from the Seller at the e-mail address specified by the Buyer, in connection with which the Seller has an obligation to deliver the goods within the time period indicated in the Delivery section. In the event that funds are debited from the Client’s account and there is no confirmation of payment, the Client checks the details of the payment with his bank and payment system. All information received by the Client is transferred to the Seller in the feedback form indicating the details and details of the payment, in order to resolve the issue of finding a payment, refunding funds or placing an order. The history of payment for purchased goods, delivered goods, returned goods may be stored in the information space of the Personal Account, if the Client has created (registered) such a personal account according to the proposed registration form and the access codes chosen by him (login, password).


The Client may refuse to accept the paid goods and demand a refund of the amount paid, subject to compensation of the Seller’s costs for processing the order and the cost of delivery of the goods. After receiving the goods, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 7 days, if the packaging has not been opened and the storage conditions of the goods have not been violated. To cancel an order (purchase), the Buyer sends information about payment, goods, with a copy of an identity document in the feedback form, along with an application for termination of the contract. Goods related to perfumery and cosmetic products are not subject to exchange for any other reason, except for the case of their non-compliance with the quality declared on the site. Goods related to clothing are not subject to exchange for any other reason, except for the case of non-compliance with their quality declared on the site Refusal to purchase (order) does not cancel the Client’s consent to the processing of his personal data and the rules of working with the site¬†WWW.SAYURICOSMETICS.NL

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