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These general conditions apply to each transaction concluded between the entrepreneur and the consumer through the online store sayuricosmetics.nl

The text of these general conditions will be provided to the consumer for verification before the agreement is concluded through this online store. This text will also be available in electronic form (in PDF format) for the consumer, so that it can be downloaded, saved and printed. At the request of the consumer, these general conditions can also be sent by e-mail or by mail.


The contract is concluded at the time of payment for the offer by the consumer, subject to the provisions of paragraph 6 of this document.

The entrepreneur confirms the payment of the consumer by e-mail. Until the payment is confirmed by the entrepreneur, the consumer can terminate the agreement.

The entrepreneur takes appropriate technical measures to ensure a secure web environment and ensure the transfer of data and payments.

When purchasing a product or service by a consumer, the entrepreneur digitally provides the following information:

Contact information of the branch of the enterprise, to which the consumer can submit complaints;

Price including taxes;

The cost of delivery, if applicable;

Delivery method

The entrepreneur can, within the framework of the law, know whether the consumer can fulfill his/her  payment obligations, or that there are other facts that are important for a justified conclusion of an agreement. If the entrepreneur has good reasons not to conclude an agreement on the basis of this investigation, he has the right to decline the order or impose special conditions for execution.


If the offer is subject to a limited period of validity or takes place in special conditions, this is expressly stated by the entrepreneur.

The offer contains the description of the products and / or services offered so that the consumer can evaluate them correctly. If images are used, these are to be true images of the offer.

A mistake or mistakes in the offer, which the consumer can immediately identify as a mistake or mistakes, do/es not oblige the entrepreneur to fulfil such an offer.


All prices for the offered goods or services are prices, including VAT. If there is a package, delivery or other additional costs, they are clearly indicated in the offer when placing an order.

Prices for the offered products and / or services do not change during the transaction between the trader and the consumer due to changes in VAT rates or other changes.


All orders, unless otherwise agreed, must be paid for before the delivery of the goods.

You can pay via  Pay.nl and Paypal. We also accept credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express. If required, the order can be paid by transferring to Sayuri Global Corporation B.V. IBAN: NL16 INGB 0007 8359 74, BIC: INGBNL2A, ING BANK with the order number.

Right to enter the supply of products

The consumer has up to fourteen days from the date of receipt of the product the opportunity to terminate the contract without giving a reason. This period expires 14 days after the day when the consumer received the goods. To exercise the right to withdrawal, the consumer must notify the entrepreneur in writing by mail or by e-mail to info@sayuricosmetics.com

If the consumer wants to use the right of withdrawal, the product must still be in its original packaging, undisclosed and undamaged. The consumer will return the product with all the delivered accessories and in the original condition and packaging to the entrepreneur in accordance with reasonable and clear instructions specified by the entrepreneur.

The consumer can also use this right to withdraw, if defective quality appears after the product is opened. The consumer notifies about this deficiency in writing or by e-mail to the entrepreneur not later than fourteen days after the receipt of the product. Then the entrepreneur will contact the consumer to provide instructions on how to return.

Expenses in case of cancellation

If the consumer uses the right to withdraw, at least, the cost of return shall be at his/her expense. In case of withdrawal, the entrepreneur pays the buyer the purchase price and any transportation costs. This is done not later than 14 days after the consumer has indicated in writing that he wishes to use the right to withdraw and has returned the goods unscathed and in the original packaging to the entrepreneur. If the consumer has paid the shipping cost for return shipping, then it will be returned only by the entrepreneur if one or more shipping products are damaged, incorrectly or otherwise not delivered correctly. If the consumer returns the goods for any other reason, the shipping cost for return delivery is at his own expense.

Delivery and Execution

When receiving and executing orders for products, the entrepreneur will exercise maximum caution. If the delivery of the ordered product is impossible forever, the entrepreneur will make efforts to compensate the customer satisfactorily, either by providing a replacement for a comparable product, or by returning the paid amount. This will be brought to the consumer, and mutual agreement will be reached. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the risk of loss and / or damage to products before delivery to the consumer rests with the entrepreneur. The address is the one which the consumer handed over to the entrepreneur as the delivery point. The entrepreneur will execute the orders as soon as possible, but not later than 10 days, unless a longer delivery period is agreed upon. If the delivery is delayed or if the order can not or only partially fulfilled, the consumer will be notified of this no later than one week after placing the order. In this case, the consumer has the right to terminate the contract without costs. In this case, the entrepreneur will repay the amount that the consumer has paid as soon as possible, but no later than 10 days after the termination.


An agreement offered by the entrepreneur, manufacturer or importer as a guarantee can protect rights and claims. With regard to the lack of fulfilment of the entrepreneur\’s obligations to the consumer, the law and / or the distance agreement are not limited or left out.


The entrepreneur guarantees that the products and / or services comply with the agreement, specifications specified in the offer, reasonable use and / or reliability requirements, as well as legal provisions and / or government regulations existing on the date of the agreement.

Complaints procedure

The consumer has the opportunity, up to fourteen days from the date of receipt of the order, to file complaints under the terms of this agreement, fully and accurately compiling the claims described to the entrepreneur.

The employer will review the complaints as soon as possible, within 14 days of the date of receipt of the complaint, and will make every effort for prompt processing and response. If the complaint requires a longer processing time, the entrepreneur will respond within 14 days of receipt and indication when the consumer can expect a more detailed response.

 Additional or Special Conditions

Additional or Special conditions may be agreed upon, but not to the detriment of the consumer and must be written down in writing or in such a way that they can be accessed and stored by the consumer in a way that is accessible to him.

Modification of general conditions

Changes in these conditions will come into force after they have been published correctly. These changes shall have been submitted to the consumer for verification.

Applicable law

Contracts between the entrepreneur and the consumer, to which these general conditions apply, are governed exclusively by the Dutch law.

Identity of the entrepreneur

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