How often do we pay attention to the hands of famous women in photographs?

We look at the well-groomed young faces of stars beyond their age and often see hands that betray their owners. What do your hands look like? How to properly care for them?

Let’s first remember that our skin is protected by a barrier layer, which we also destroy. Well, not every one of us, admit it, uses rubber gloves when washing dishes or cleaning the house. But even if this is so, then under the influence of temperature changes, bacteria, viruses and other external factors, our hands continue to dry and …. Perhaps you already have wrinkles and age spots! Then urgent action must be taken. Simple creams will not help here, and possibly make it even worse. After all, a cream based on mineral oil destroys the same protective layer. In the arsenal of the beauty industry, hand fillers, mesotherapy and many other, not the most affordable, anti-aging solutions have already appeared.

The question that worries many is how to ensure that the hands remain always young and at the same time avoid invasive procedures?

We offer the following hand care algorithm:

1. Daily use HAND CREAM AHA anti-aging hand cream, which contains several types of fruit acids and active anti-aging ingredients, not every face cream can boast of such a composition.

2. Once a week, deep care with EXFOLIATING BALM oil-based scrub, which not only gently exfoliates adhering dead skin particles, but also erases wrinkles and moisturizes the skin for 8 hours.

3. The mask with enzymes ANTI-AGING MASK will make the skin of your hands perfectly smooth and soft. You will notice that the skin on the hands has become homogeneous. Moreover, a special active will cover the hands with a molecular film, preventing moisture from evaporating, and Jojoba granules, when dissolved, will protect the hands from aggressive influences, covering them with a protective layer.

Hand Cream AHA

Еxfoliating Balm

Anti-Aging Mask

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