Moisturizing the skin – a source of rejuvenation

Let’s talk about skin hydration, namely: how necessary is hydration, what goals does it pursue and what do we get as a result.

What is our skin? As we know, it is the largest organ in our body. The skin is designed to protect us and be an impregnable barrier to various bacteria.

The outermost layer of the skin consists of scales glued together by the fatty secretion of the sebaceous glands. This layer is called the lipid layer of the skin or the epidermal barrier and is a waterproof barrier.

Our body is arranged very competently – everything is thought out to the smallest detail. So, the lowest layer – the hypodermis – consists of adipose tissue, which accumulates and retains fluid. The dermis, which is slightly higher, absorbs moisture from the hypodermis and conducts it outward – to the stratum corneum, which retains water, preventing its evaporation.

In case of violation of the lipid barrier of the skin, including with improper care, moisture evaporates instantly, without lingering in the surface layer. And this is what it can lead to:
• Dehydration
• Reduced elasticity
• Premature aging
• Pigmentation
• Peeling

But most importantly, through the damaged areas, various bacteria and toxins begin to penetrate into the skin, causing allergies, dermatitis, irritation, and acne.

Therefore, on the one hand, before trying to moisturize the skin, it is necessary to restore the broken lipid barrier. Otherwise, the moisturizers in the cream will not bring any result, evaporating before the product is absorbed. On the other hand, the same moisturizers themselves break the epidermal barrier, changing the composition of the surface layer. As a result, we get sensitive skin that reacts due to insecurity to any external stimuli.

How to moisturize the skin

Let’s figure out what a cream is, namely, a tool designed to moisturize the skin. The cream consists of an aqueous and fatty phase. It also includes active ingredients, fragrances and preservatives. As a rule, all moisturizing ingredients create a temporary illusion of moisture. So, for example, glycerin, with a small content in the cream, briefly moisturizes the skin, attracting moisture from the outside. But if the air in the room is dry, as during heating in winter, then glycerin will draw moisture from the deepest layers of the skin. And this will subsequently lead to its dehydration and premature aging. Moreover, our body is designed in such a way that with constant hydration from the outside, its own regulation will cease to operate – after all, why, if you are constantly trying to moisturize your skin yourself? As a result, it will no longer maintain its own hydration, transmitting a signal to the deeper layers that hydration is not required. And in this way you can earn persistent peeling, dehydration and early wrinkles.

Also, a moisturizer interferes with such a natural process as exfoliation of dead cells. Our skin is constantly renewing itself by dividing, and old cells, dying, give way to young cells. With age, division slows down, so our task is to constantly stimulate the production of new cells through exfoliation. Only in this way can we preserve and prolong the youthfulness of the skin. Moisturizing creams stick together old cells, preventing new ones from making way.

As a rule, the composition of the cream includes not the most useful components for our skin. For example, mineral oil, which is synthesized from petrochemicals, is commonly used by many manufacturers for a quick result of hydrated, soft skin. But in fact, we have a product with a very high molecular weight, which does not penetrate the skin, but remains on the surface, covering it with an impenetrable film and creating a greenhouse effect. This is similar to if you put a plastic bag over your head, and after a while you feel suffocated. And the same goes for your skin. Getting a temporary result, you thereby cause irreparable harm, destroying the natural outer barrier of the skin.

The question arises – how then to properly care for the skin and what products to use for this? And the answer to it lies literally on the surface – it is necessary to restore the natural lipid barrier of the skin and nourish it! On this path, products from the HyActive Comfort line will come to the rescue: Oil concentrate, HyActive face cream and Hydro face cream. They contain unique components, thanks to which the skin does not dry out and becomes naturally hydrated and nourished.

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