Glowing Skin

Perfect purity and radiance of your skin
74 €
60 €
This Cleansing Gel protects, moisturizes, nourishes your skin and stimulates cell renewal
51 €
41 €
With a wide range of other positive effects on skin cells, it eliminates irritation and inflammation, improves blood circulation and metabolism, and improves skin complexion and elasticity.
77 €
63 €
Exfoliating balm which offers a record-breaking 85% + concentration of vegetable oils among its main components! The oils intensively soften and moisturize skin, prepare it for the cleansing process
76 €
61 €
Oliogel is a gentle treatment for daily cleansing of the face and neck.
92 €
74 €
Lightweight, fast-absorbing tonic is an ideal solution to salon peeling treatments. Within seconds it literally removes all skin imperfections, resurfaces the skin, gently deals with inflammation and irritation and age-related changes
60 €
48 €
Multifunctional complex with regenerating, moisturizing, protective and anti-inflammatory effect. It combines three innovative active complexes affecting skin from inside, at the cellular level.
76 €
61 €
Complex, multi-component formula with a broad spectrum of activity, it is effective both when used alone or as the final step of a deep skin cleansing treatment when at home.
14 €
Cloth from organic muslin increases the intensity of cleansing, ensures gentle exfoliation, provides the effect of light massage, improves skin complexion, and activates metabolism and blood microcirculation.
150 €
120 €
Excessive application can damage the epidermis and irregular treatment leads to the disruption of intercellular interaction due to the presence of remaining waste products
130 €
105 €
STEP 2. INTENSIVE DEEP CLEANSING 1-2 TIMES A WEEK combines several items of the Glowing Skin product line to maximize the results and ensure a careful approach.
206 €
166 €
Do you want beautiful hands always, and not just after going to the salon? Exfoliating Balm, Anti-Aging Mask and Hand Cream AHA - your personal spa care at your fingertips!
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