Glowing Skin

Perfect purity and radiance of your skin
74 €
52 €
This Cleansing Gel protects, moisturizes, nourishes your skin and stimulates cell renewal
51 €
36 €
With a wide range of other positive effects on skin cells, it eliminates irritation and inflammation, improves blood circulation and metabolism, and improves skin complexion and elasticity.
77 €
54 €
Exfoliating balm which offers a record-breaking 85% + concentration of vegetable oils among its main components! The oils intensively soften and moisturize skin, prepare it for the cleansing process
76 €
52 €
Gently and carefully cleaning the skin, it instantly removes the feeling of tightness and dryness
92 €
65 €
Lightweight, fast-absorbing tonic is an ideal solution to salon peeling treatments. Within seconds it literally removes all skin imperfections, resurfaces the skin, gently deals with inflammation and irritation and age-related changes
60 €
42 €
Multifunctional complex with regenerating, moisturizing, protective and anti-inflammatory effect. It combines three innovative active complexes affecting skin from inside, at the cellular level.
76 €
54 €
Complex, multi-component formula with a broad spectrum of activity, it is effective both when used alone or as the final step of a deep skin cleansing treatment when at home.
14 €
11 €
Cloth from organic muslin increases the intensity of cleansing, ensures gentle exfoliation, provides the effect of light massage, improves skin complexion, and activates metabolism and blood microcirculation.
150 €
105 €
STEP 1. DELICACY AND COMFORT: DAILY CLEANSING combines several items of the Glowing Skin product line to maximize the results and ensure a careful approach.
130 €
92 €
STEP 2. INTENSIVE DEEP CLEANSING 1-2 TIMES A WEEK combines several items of the Glowing Skin product line to maximize the results and ensure a careful approach.
206 €
145 €
Do you want beautiful hands always, and not just after going to the salon? Exfoliating Balm, Anti-Aging Mask and Hand Cream AHA - your personal spa care at your fingertips! These products are unique not only to the skin of the face, it is also an amazing treatment for the skin of the hands. They put their hands in order after the first use.
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