Set SPA for hand

206 €

This set of tools will help you easily achieve the effect, both from salon procedures, namely:

  •  Well-groomed, moisturized skin;
  •  Getting rid of cracks, burr;
  •  Rejuvenation, lifting effect;
  •  Reducing age spots:
  •  Hands are tender, skin is silky.

How to use?

First, apply Exfoliating Balm on dry skin, scrub your hands (also elbows), then rinse, wipe your hands with a towel and apply an Anti-Aging Mask (it is better to wrap it with plastic wrap or put on plastic gloves), then rinse and apply Hand Cream AHA and admire your gentle beautiful hands

  1. Daily use the anti-aging hand cream HAND CREAM AHA MATRIX REPAIR, which contains several types of fruit acids and active anti-aging ingredients, not every face cream can boast of such a composition.

  1. Once a week, a deep oil-based scrub of GLOWING SKIN EXFOLIATING BALM scrub that not only gently exfoliates adhering dead skin particles, but also erases wrinkles and moisturizes the skin for 8 hours.

  1. Mask with ANTI-AGING MASK MATRIX REPAIR enzymes - makes your skin perfectly smooth and soft. You will notice that the skin on your hands has become uniform. Moreover, a special asset will cover the hands with a molecular film, preventing moisture from evaporating, and Jojoba granules, when dissolved, will protect the hands from aggressive effects, covering them with a protective layer.

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