Cleansing System "Daily CLEANSING"

150 €

What should be the skin cleansing like? - High-quality, well-balanced and regular.

Gentle removal of external dirt and make-up should be done on a daily basis, whereas deep exfoliation of dead skin cells — regularly not to disrupt their natural renewal process. Excessive application can damage the epidermis and irregular treatment leads to the disruption of intercellular interaction due to the presence of remaining waste products. A correct balance and a systematic approach are important.

That is why we decided to develop an advanced cleansing formula — a Cleansing System that combines several items of the Glowing Skin product line to maximize the results and ensure a careful approach.

The Cleansing system includes the following products:

  • Cleansing Gel - 100 ml — 1 item
  • Oliogel - 100ml — 1 item
  • Cleaning cloth from organic muslin (1 item) — Increases the intensity of cleansing, ensures gentle exfoliation, provides the effect of light massage, improves skin complexion, activates metabolism and blood microcirculation.

Product Use


  • Apply Oliogel with light circular movements on dry untreated skin.
  • Soak the cleaning cloth in a warm, but not hot water; unfold and press against the face; slowly begin to massage the cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, ears and the area behind the ears with smooth circular motions; wash the cleaning cloth in water and repeat the massage.
  • Apply the Cleansing Gel all skin types, massaging gently, wash off with warm water.
  • Apply skincare cream or mask.
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