Cleansing Gel

74 €
Volume: 100 ml

Not just a cleanser, but a complex skincare treatment

In addition to its cleaning components it includes Aloe Vera juice, Willoherb and NMF Vegetale extracts, Chamomile, Witch Hazel, lactic and citric acid, D-panthenol.

This Cleansing Gel protects, moisturizes, nourishes your skin and stimulates cell renewal.

It is easy to use due to a high concentration of active cleaning components. Sometimes they can negatively affect the epidermis. That is why most cleansing gels are not suitable for application on the eye area.

Unlike our Cleansing Gel. Developing its formula, we took into account the needs of the most sensitive and delicate skin. Therefore it can be used for any skin type and applied to both greasy and dry areas - it will intelligently treat the first and cleanse the latter easily. Preserving the lipid layer and maintaining the skin's natural moisture balance, the Cleansing Gel cleanses skin deep and instantly clears away impurities. Cleaning skin pores it polishes the surface of the skin, eliminating redness and irritation, ensuring a feeling of absolute purity and comfort.

Product Use

Apply a small amount of gel onto wet face, lather and massage for a minute, rinse with water.

Active ingredients

Aloe vera sap, Chamomile Extract, AquaLyte Ph, NMF Vegetale, Hamamelis Virginiana Extract, Willoherb, D-Pantenol


Shelf life: 36 months



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