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Why Sayuri Cosmetics

Key features that make SAYURI COSMETICS unique for your beauty

All our natural beauty products have strong advantages over other cosmetic brands.

Firstly, SAYURI COSMETICS products are 100% safe and handmade. Not only we develop beauty formulas, but also produce the natural ingredients without synthetic oil or toxic substances.

Secondly, our cosmetics contain a record-breaking number of active ingredients. Sometimes they reach 85%. We are using highly effective natural beauty formulas where all components work together as a unit.

Finally, it`s the innovative approach our clients love. SAYURI COSMETICS can offer at least 4 innovative beauty complexes, namely: AQUALYTE pН, DERMCOM, LIPOBELLE SOYAGLYCONE and ROYAL EPIGEN P5. 

AQUALYTE pH needs special attention. It is an innovative water-based complex that consists of ionized water with a high ORP level and neutral pH with the benefits of an antioxidant. No other cosmetic brand is ready to offer any similar solutions. While cosmetic companies are only looking for ingredients that will help to get rid of harmful microorganisms in their attempt to prevent acne, irritation and odour without doing harm to good bacteria, SAYURI COSMETICS have already been using them. AQUALYTE pH is an aqueous solution that brings life to your skin.

Our clients choose a scientific approach in the production of cosmetics. SAYURI COSMETICS beauty products are the result of collaboration with scientists in the field of manual medicine, gerontology and psychophysiology. All together we have created the cosmetics that encourage skin`s self-repair processes and slow down its active aging.

In addition, all SAYURI cosmetic products are aimed at skin rejuvenation through cleansing. Only SAYURI has a smart cleansing program for daily removal of impurities and periodic deep skin exfoliation.

The results after using SAYURI cosmetic products are comparable with clinical treatments.