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Samples Oil concentrate 1,5ml

Awakens the internal reserves of the skin. Stimulates the natural processes of metabolism and regeneration.
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Oil concentrate - skin revitalizing elixir

An oil-based concentrate specially formulated to restore the natural balance of the skin. After the first application, the skin becomes smooth and soft, its tone and structure are leveled, and wrinkles are reduced. It's all about the ingredients, of course. A cocktail of pomegranate seed, primrose and rose oils instantly softens and nourishes the skin, restores the protective lipid barrier, relieves irritation and redness. Omega acids 3-6-9 and vitamins A and E eliminate the feeling of tightness and discomfort. Vitamin C - the record holder for the degree of antioxidant activity - protects the skin from negative environmental influences. Wild carrot seed oil has an anti-aging effect and ... changes skin tone and color by attracting the sun's rays, it simultaneously softens their effect, contributing to the formation of an even and beautiful tan without sad consequences.

Oil Concentrate works for results

  • Awakens the internal reserves of the skin
  • Stimulates the natural processes of metabolism and regeneration
  • Restores collagen fibers
  • Slows down the aging process

Oil Concentrate Roster

Soothex is a natural active ingredient made from Indian frankincense with a proven potent soothing effect on sensitive or over-reactive skin. Helps reduce skin irritation after shaving.

Biodine V - Balanced botanical formula Biodine V mimics the composition and liquid crystal structure of our skin. Hydrolipidic film Biodine V together with skin cells forms a protective barrier on its surface, preventing transepidermal moisture loss. The liquid crystal structure of Biodine V helps to restore and preserve the skin's own lipids. Sensitive, dry and damaged skin is the most vulnerable and susceptible to partial destruction of the hydrolipid barrier. Biodine V instantly repairs skin damage due to its similar liquid crystal structure and composition.

Macadamia oil - accelerates metabolic processes in skin cells, improves its structure and tones. Improves the lipid barrier of the skin, penetrates deeply into tissues, balances the moisture content in cells, softens the skin, fights stretch marks, relieves flaking, smoothes fine wrinkles, especially in the eye area, eliminates skin irritation, heals sunburn, chapped skin and frostbite , regulates fat metabolism in skin cells, increasing the production of sebum in mature skin.