The skin is one of the most important and largest organs. It protects our body from environmental influences. But how to protect the skin itself from the same influence of external aggressive influences and especially from exposure to harmful sunlight. The first thing to take care of is the epidermal barrier of our skin. After all, it is he who protects us from penetration into the deep layers of microbes, toxins, allergens. But that’s not the worst thing either. The reverse reaction also occurs, namely, the skin no longer retains moisture, evaporating through the broken barrier instantly. There is a feeling of tightness, discomfort, fine wrinkles, age spots appear, the skin loses its elasticity. Increased hypersensitivity gives an instant reaction in the form of a reaction to cosmetics, the appearance of redness, burning and irritation. What to do and how to restore an already broken epidermal barrier:

• Apply proper cleansing

• Moisturize and nourish the skin

• Use recovery products that include omega fatty acids

In this case, Oil Concentrat from the HyActive series is ideal, it will completely restore the broken barrier. As well as a lip balm that will restore the skin of the lips and give them volume.

You need to apply the concentrate at night, putting a few drops on your fingers and rub into the skin of the face with massage movements. In the morning, it can be applied to dry areas and the area around the eyes, so that wrinkles are not visible. After a while, you will notice significant improvements and it will be possible to return to peeling and scrub again.

Oil Concentrate

Lip Balm

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